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The Best Basmati

LEAF’s Basmati is the one you can recognize in hundreds; its tantalizing aroma, extra long grains, the most delicious taste, soft and smooth texture and the way each grain elongates on cooking is unparalleled in the world. This finest Basmati is LEAF’s legacy and is meant to be shared with the whole world.

Big Dad : White extra long grain pure raw rice produced after 24 months maturing. Best for boiled, fried, jeera and pulao preparations.

Uncle Chef : Extra long grain steam rice produced after 24 months maturing. Best for biryani, pulao and Chinese preparations.

"Not every soil is rich enough to grow paddy;
it is only in Punjab that world's best Basmati is grown and then processed at LEAF "

Afreen : Premium traditional aromatic white parboiled rice used for special occasions, elite gatherings and feasts.
Lazeez : Elongated grain golden rice with longer shelf life produced with par boiling process. Best for biryani and fried feasts. Mainly used in hotels, restaurants and large households.

Royal Brilliance : An aromatic variety of rice that exhibits the brilliance of pearls, Royal Brilliance is aged for 12 months to reach the unmatched taste and flavour.

Everyday Active : Rice that is fragrant, wholesome and light; Everyday rice is suitable to be indulged in every day.

Supreme Delight :Wholesome and delectable, Supreme Delight has all the goodness of long grain steamed Basmati rice. The rich burst of flavour, texture and taste make it the very best.