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Doing Good. Spreading Goodness.

LEAF’s commitment to sustainable development and ecological responsibility has been fulfilled by reinforcing its focused efforts towards its corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company has till date spent Rs 3 crore to build 110 tenements for the BPL families in Punjab. The company ambulances patrol the highway and is always ready for any eventuality for public at large. In general, we make our best efforts to conserve resources, maximize public good through use of technology and enrich the community with which we work.

"At LEAF, we believe in spreading success and growth around. The real satisfaction comes when we give back to the society"

Through the PDS system and assistance from the government, we also make sure that the poor have access to our nutritious and healthy rice.

No company can thrive if its employees are not well taken care of. We treat our employees as our extended family and respect their rights and provide ample opportunities for growth and improving their standard of living. Together we work towards the attainment of the goals of the company.

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