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Lakshmi Energy and Foods Ltd.

Formerly Lakshmi Overseas Industries Limited, Nestled in the foothills of magnificent Himalayas, the fertile soil of Punjab carries that same eminent status and glory. Irrigated by the devout waters of its five rivers, each grain of wheat and rice grown here stands a testament to the culinary contribution of Punjab.Growing 40% of rice and 70% of wheat share, Punjab is the surplus-granary of India adorning the delicious platters of food lovers all over the world.

For the last two decades, Lakshmi group is proud to be associated with 300000 happy farmer families who are growing the finest grown paddy and trust us to tantalize the taste buds of billions of people all across the globe. The satisfaction of being a special part of their daily life, however, can never be quantified!

LEAF, started by Mr. B S Uppal, began its operation from a small paddy-rice milling unit in 1981 on a 5 acre land at Khamano, Punjab as a partnership firm. The mill was continuously expanded by ploughing back all its profits year after year, which was aided by a start up bank loan of Rs.1 lac. It attained an economic size of 30 tonnes per hour (tph) by 1990 with land area of 26 acres. There were efforts by the promoters to develop the surrounding areas into quality belt for paddy and wheat production, given the right climate plus

"We envision Lakshmi to create unmatched value for all stakeholders and consumers. Scaling new zeniths of popularity worldwide and emerging as one of top brand in FMCG through best global practices, international presence, high standards of quality, effective cost & delivery is what we strive for."


fresh himalayan river and rain water availability. The hard work paid off as the farmers returned growth in fields. LEAF raised further funds through a public offering at a premium in 1994, which helped the company to grow to 100 tph by the year 2000. The year 2005 and 2006 were turning points in the LEAF’s history when the company’s management embarked upon major modernization cum expansion scheme. Banks came forward with open arms due to credibility enjoyed by the company and an ultra modern complex was commissioned in 2007 with capacity of 1 million tones per year. This was the largest paddy processing plant in the world spread over 100 acres of land!

Mr. B S Uppal had conviction and belief to create world class facilities with the largest capacity to produce authentic and high quality products for masses in India and global consumers. Achieving this has made LEAF not only the lowest cost producer of foods but put the company on the global map in terms of energy efficiency, non-polluting industry, largest exporter of basmati rice as well. LEAF is proud to be an employment creator for millions of farmers, traders, workers, labour, transporters and so many people who are associated with the group.