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Logistic Strength

Logistics is a key area for any company requiring storage and movement of voluminous goods. Efficient logistics systems throughout the world economy are a basis for trade and a high standard of living for all of us. The globalization, the free market and the competition has required that the customer gets the right material, at the right time, at the right point and in the right condition at the lowest cost. The wave of globalization coupled with our huge logistic brigade has enabled & led us to procure or process resources from just about anywhere on the planet. LEAF's success has been scripted by its strong and reliable logistics and connectivity network that reaches deep down into the cradle of green fields and unites every second farmer in the state through its fleet of 50 wide-bodied trucks and with the help of over 2000 grain-agents in mandis. Such a huge logistic brigade is just one step to ensure that the premium paddy gets procured even from far or remote belts and gets delivered in our warehouse in no time.

“LEAF's success is harvested and nurtured with its strong logistics that reaches deep down into the cradle of green fields and connects every second farmer through its fleet of wide-bodied trucks and over 2000 grain-agents in mandis”

Located on the Chandigarh–Ludhiana National Highway at Khamanon in Punjab, LEAF’s location gives it the connectivity benefit. The location advantage extends to proximity with international airport giving LEAF an edge to honour international deliveries in committed time.

LEAF is proud to earn the recognition of a responsible enterprise that honours international orders with full respect of deadlines without exceeding cost specifications.

To give further boost to LEAF’s logistic requirement, at the request of the company, Indian Railways has provided a dedicated rail siding adjoining the rear side of the company’s plant. This would immensely reduce the company’s transportation and labour cost besides saving time which would get reduced from days to hours.