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Healthy Oil

The by-product bran gets transported to the solvent extraction plant where it gets converted into rice bran edible oil and cattle feed. Keeping in mind the Wellness Quotient of Indian people, LEAF presents Rice bran oil which is deemed to be the Indian version of olive oil, because of its nutritional benefits. Rice Bran Oil is rich in all kinds of desirable fats and has a high smoke point making it just the perfect one for Indian style of cooking methods that involve frying and deep-frying.

"The company has diversified and created more value from its products by producing commodities other than rice such as rice bran edible oil "

At present, LEAF has a processing capacity of 300 MT per day of rice bran and oil refining capacity of 30 MT per day with plans to augment solvent extraction capacity to 700 MT per day and refining capacity to 100 MT per day. The oil is being sold in wholesale currently and plans are afoot to sell it as small packages once people become more aware about this ‘Healthy Oil’.