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World-class Warehousing

Gigantic warehousing is the reason behind our colossal quantity of rice-holding; its hygienic and moisture-controlled ambiance a herald for purity-seekers who understand that only the best Basmati carries an exclusive fragrance that comes with optimized aging.

LEAF has been constructing modern warehouses in its premises for last 5 years. The company has already created

"Largest warehousing capacity- good enough to store enormous quantity of rice from 300,000 MT to 1000,000 MT"

3,00,000 tonnes capacity of its own and proposes to add further warehousing capacity so that outside dependence on outside warehouse is completely dispensed with. So the paddy we procure is kept in these warehouses spread all over Punjab (Khamano, Neelo etc to name a few) for a minimum of one to two years; with a methodical understanding of the varied optimum aging periods required for different types of rice.