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Relish the healthy taste

Lakshmi group also has a 100 TPD wheat flour plant which adopts advanced scientific precision to yield ‘Real Chakki Atta’ that has received excellent appreciation from the market. The quality of wheat procured by Lakhsmi needs no vouching as it comes from the land of golden grain, Punjab itself, where the soil, water quality and conducive climate are known to produce quality flour with high nutritional value.

"Lakshmi Foods brings REAL CHAKKI Atta that retains wholesome goodness of raw grain and carries a hearty flavor. It's high fibre content keeps you feeling fuller and healthier! "

Sourcing the finest grain direct from the farmers and then processing it with utmost quality control keeping its natural goodness intact results in finest quality wheat flour. So when the rotis come soft and fluffy, you realize it is the real chakki atta that has brought the age-old taste and health back to your home.